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Now serving as the ambassador of the Cityson brand, Nathan comes from an extensive background from Asia’s renowned bar scene- The woods (Hong Kong), J.boroski (Thailand), Bibo (Hong Kong)

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蔗园红酒在热带国度里出品。在波本桶里熟成后,它们被一一挑选出后送到法兰西的 Bonbonnet 古堡再次桶内熟成。在费朗家族的一定熟成手法后,蔗园鸡尾酒会被寄存在到适饮或符合调配的空子,再装瓶。从南美四处的产区寻找最好清酒是费朗家族的沉重之一。

Succession is a delicate matter. Joseph Fan of the Chinese University of Hong Kong has found that family-run firms in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan lose 60% of their value on average in the years before and after a change. Many a tycoon has proved hopeless at planning for his departure. Discussing death is regarded as unlucky. Most cling on past their prime.

查尔斯来自历史持久的都市---普利茅斯市,世界上闻名的普利茅斯金酒酿酒厂的办事揭示了她酒水行当生涯的篇章。这里的干活让他爱怜上了酒和调酒学。在里面调酒师的静心引导下,Charles升高了饭馆调酒技巧。六年前,Charles来到新加坡,并在 CraftRepublic 担任品牌大使,担任在全中夏族民共和国放手精酿品牌。

但一笔不苟的李嘉诚(Li Jiacheng)是不会让投机亲手创建的王国有弹指间衰退的风险,他很已经在陈设怎么慢慢地把公司过渡交给自身的外甥...

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Plastic flower of the flock


He went on to operate container ports, and belonged to the first wave of outsiders to invest in China when it opened up in the late 1970s. In Hong Kong he bought into everything from groceries to pharmacies, and supplied swathes of the city with electricity. Through Hutchison, an old British trading house that he bought in 1979 (the first time a Chinese took control of a British firm), he expanded abroad in a way no other local tycoon has. Unusually for a head of a family firm, he sought out professional managers, many of them foreign.

Day-of: 100 RMB

Li Ka-shing,港人称他为“超人”,今年清夏就89岁了,他下一周发表自个儿将在八月离休,把饭碗交接给小孙子,Victor Li(维克托Li)


Lexile®Measure: 1100L - 1200L


meticulous: very careful about doing something in an extremely accurate and exact way

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The tycoon’s retirement marks the end of an era for Hong Kong

Veteran bartender, veteran Street Fighter II player Colin Tait,aka @gunsbagpipes, is the main man behind the bar at SHAKE and Heyday. Almost two decades in the game, preserved well through worldly experience.

Mean Sentence Length: 16.04


cede: to give control of something to another person, group, government, etc. 

那是 mars 第一百零一次可惜人不在Hong Kong,第三届「SIP Cocktail Festival 」将于本周末登入东京,歌手调酒师云集,一切火酒爱好者都不应有遗失。


身兼知名调酒师与街头霸王II骨灰级游戏的使用者的 Colin Tait,是 SHAKE 与 Heyday 两所酒吧的宗旨人物之一。二十余载遍及世界各市的调酒经验,让 Colin对于调酒师那一个专业发生出了非凡的解读。

According to Oliver Rui of the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai, Mr Li also simplified a complex holding structure in 2015 with the handover in mind. He split property holdings from other assets, boosting both firms’ valuations and making it easier for his son to sell off bits of the empire in future.

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点评:李嘉诚(Li Jiacheng)神话的一世鼓舞着诸四个人,他的离休意味着叁个不常的完工,未来的王者更加多时机出现在隔壁,卡塔尔多哈(恐怕说中华夏族民共和国陆地)


At the press conference the younger Mr Li made all the right noises. “When I return to work tomorrow, it will be the same,” he told investors. They took it well—shares in the two CK businesses dipped only modestly at the news. His father’s willingness to cut him off and answer reporters’ questions himself may have reassured them that he really will stick around.

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这两段讲李嘉诚(Li Jiacheng)早年发展史,1936年十一周岁的李嘉诚先生跟随亲人从陆地逃难到东方之珠,不久后老爸就死了,他就被迫辍学开头打工。一九四八年上马从事塑料花生意,他今后的婆姨家境殷实也帮了他一把。然后在一九六八年东方之珠楼房买卖市场冷淡的时候杀入房土地资产,也是一九六三年末第一堆步入中华新大陆投资的商贾!!


Mean Log Word Frequency: 3.18

日期:2018年9月15日 星期六

foray: a sudden invasion or attack: raid 

Sasha 是 Barbarian, Bites and Brews on fire 和 Mito 餐厅的首席调酒师。在调制定制果酒上,他经验丰裕,鞋的印迹遍及俄罗丝、泰王国和中夏族民共和国。据他所言,在给外人调酒时,他不可是在调酒,更是在聆听客人的名人名言。他的利口酒,是客人激情和喜欢的一揽子展示。

propitious: likely to have or produce good results

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维克多在公布会上说,“明东瀛身重回上班,一切都以依旧没啥改造” 那是实际意况。Li Ka-shing打断孙子亲自回答报事人们的难题,能够看到他依旧会继续插足管理一下商铺的

Micaela Piccolo is the Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador for Maison Ferrand, representing adiverse portfolio of award-winning artisanal spirits including Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Citadelle Gin, and Plantation Rum. Based in Shanghai, Micaela's scope extends over 12 countries across the Asia Pacific including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mainland China.

那篇小说的蓝思值是在1100-1200L, 是管理学人里司空眼惯难度的稿子~

Pre-sale: 80 RMB,

Few expect Mr Li, who will turn 90 this summer, to hang up his cape for good. He says he will stay on to advise his eldest son, Victor Li, who will inherit his two main businesses. The first is CK Hutchison, a conglomerate with interests in power plants, perfume and much in between. It runs 52 ports and owns 14,000 high-street stores, including Watsons at home and Superdrug in Britain. The second is CK Asset, one of Hong Kong’s biggest property developers. Combined they are worth $79.7bn.

Aperol Spritz has fast become a cult drink outside of Italy, extending to neighboring countries and even across the continents, best enjoyed with friends, grab yours and find them at the Campari Corner of SIP!

The incoming boss has worked with some of them for decades. Victor is credited with CK Hutchison’s push into overseas utilities, including three big recent investments in energy infrastructure in Australia, Canada and Germany. Still, if he has his own vision for the business, it may not become apparent for two to three years, says Mr Rui.


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Timothée 曾服务于诸如 Le Boudoir, Bibo & The Continental 等香岛一众独占鳌头的酒店,因而,他荣膺 2016 年和 二〇一五 年香江前 25 大调酒师称号,并获取了 2015年香岛汉诺威哈瓦纳俱乐部国际洋酒大奖赛季军。来到 The Continental餐厅之后,Timothée 醉心商量利口酒,并开荒了香岛首个款式以白酒为基酒的果酒。近来,他常驻坐落于北京雅诗阁旅社的今世美式餐厅 Highline。

Our bellies are ready for you at our SIP Cocktail Festival 2018!

It could use fresh thinking. Two decades ago, Mr Li’s stocks were among the ten most actively traded on Hong Kong’s exchange, according to Bloomberg, a data provider. Now they are outside the top 30. A foray into biotech has been ho-hum.



“TOO long” was how Li Ka-shing, known fondly by locals as chiu yan (Superman) for his business nous, described his working life when he announced on March 16th that he would be retiring in May. Asia’s pre-eminent dealmaker has been around for longer than his fictional namesake, scoring and selling assets in ports, telecoms, retail and property to amass a fortune estimated at $36bn.

Bitter 是一家坐落五原路 58 号的欢腾社区聚焦地,白天供应咖啡和小食,早晨供应意大利共和国餐前利口酒。之所以被喻为“BITTE奔驰G级”是因为咖啡与干白的甘苦。此次在 SIP 大家会推出七款风趣的葡萄酒冰沙(也将要在 BITTEWrangler 亮相)!

Mr Li has also been reinvesting his fortune in stable, cash-generating assets in Europe. These now account for close to two-thirds of CK Hutchison’s operating profit, compared with just 16% from Hong Kong and mainland China. In November he sold a 73-storey skyscraper on Hong Kong island for $5.2bn, and since 2013 has parted with $3bn-worth of commercial properties in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.


Although both father and son speak of continuity, many in Hong Kong see Li senior’s exit as the end of an era—and not just for his empire. Mr Li came to Hong Kong as a wartime refugee, fleeing Guangdong with his family in 1940 at the age of 12. His father died soon afterwards, and he was taken out of school and put to work. In 1950 he was among the first in the British colony to get into the plastics business. His plastic flowers were a hit. (His future wife came from a well-off industrial family, helping with credit and connections.) When property prices slumped during riots in 1967 he pounced, setting up his first property company in 1971. The timing was propitious; Hong Kong’s economy grew by 9% a year on average in that decade.





Not so the meticulous Mr Li. As early as 2000 it became clear that Victor would inherit his empire, after his second son, Richard, stepped down as deputy chairman of Hutchison Whampoa (now CK Hutchison) and went his own way. In 2012 Mr Li made this line of succession official.

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As for Hong Kong, it is less fertile ground for would-be tycoons than before. Oligopolies are entrenched locally.Mainland China, meanwhile, produces a dollar billionaire every five days. Pony Ma and Jack Ma, (unrelated) founders of Tencent and Alibaba, two tech giants, are richer than Mr Li. A new Li Ka-shing is more likely to rise in next-door Shenzhen than in Hong Kong.

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信用社换帅是多少个比较虚亏的一代,百分之四十的Hong Kong新加坡共和国湖南家族集团在那么些那一八年内损失了十分之六的市场总值!

迪恩 从小的干红吧开首入行,在餐厅,俱乐部,酒廊都有工作经验,并有超过常规10 年的膳食工作经历。3 年前她步入 Le Baron 并担任酒吧经营的地方。对于苦艾酒他热衷加入一些神州成分,举例茶,地方风味的糖,中中原人民共和国的酒,等等。请必须在他们的小摊停留,他将和他的队友 杰瑞 一同与你分享他们的饮料。

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sprawl: to spread or develop in an uneven or uncontrolled way


Li Ka-shing cedes a sprawling empire to his son

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Zeffer Cider Co. (新西兰吉馥西打酒业有限公司,简称“Zeffer”或许吉馥)为新西兰最大的独自潜心于西打酒酿造的金牌公司,在 2017 年国际干白大奖赛上,赢得了亚军葡萄酒的奖项。



From British pop-up restaurateur Nat Alexander and his partner Ken Shi, Homeslice is a no frills pizzeria with light nods to the New York origins of the main menu item;New York-style pizza -- selling pizza by the slice and by the pie. There are currently two Homeslice stores in Shanghai, one in Found 158 and one on YuyuanLu/Dingxi Lu. Come check them out at SIP!

Chris Lowder brings wit him a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over more than 10 years workingin food and beverage, including five years in Asia Pacific. He opened the Michelin-starred Four Seasons in Seoul, South Korea, where his bar was named World's 8th Best Hotel Bar, 52nd Best Bar in the World. Chris was nominated for International Bartender of the Year by Tales of the Cocktail (2017) and was also named NYC 30 Under 30 by Zagat (2015), New York Rising Star Bartender by StarChefs (2015),and one of America’s Best New Mixologists by Food & Wine Magazine (2014).

SOCIAL SUPPLY 有目标性的创建,设计并融入别具一格的相持体验。一年之中,专一于进步文化景色的展会至少占有了三分之一,我们所以而以为自豪。

September 15


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Diplomatico Rum is a carefully crafted luxury from Venezuela, made from sugarcane from the foot ofthe Andes Mountains. The brand focuses on passion for exploration, anadventurous spirit, and an eagerness to share the finer things in life.


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As the Head Mixologist of W Shanghai – The Bund, Dylan Lam brings his creative flair to all five intriguing venues in the hotel. Dylan who is a Hong Kong native, is an endeavor to explore and creating new cocktails. The unique look and feel of each W hotel is determined by a contextual insight, making itlocally relevant as seen through W’s DNA and mixed with unique collaborations of creative spirits.

Working in some of Hong Kong’s best bars (Le Boudoir, Bibo & The Continental), Timothée was awarded as one of Hong Kong’s top 25 bartenders in 2015 & 2016 and Champion of Havana Club Grand Prix Hong Kong & Macau 2016. It was at The Continental that Timothée started focusing on absinthe and developed one of Hong Kong’s first absinthe based cocktail program. He is now based in Shanghai at Highline, a Contemporary American restaurant located on the 6th floor of the Ascott Hotel & Residences.


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In the seven years since we first opened, the Madison name is now associated with various F&B concepts all delivering thoughtfully prepared cuisine with grace and care.

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