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China Huaneng initiates the construction of the largest battery energy storage project in Europe
On December 5th, the Minety Battery Energy Storage Project started construction in UK. The project was held and developed by China Huaneng Group Co. Ltd., it is invested by China Huaneng and CNIC, and China Huaneng will take charge of its construction and operation.

The project is located at Minety, Wiltshire, southwest of UK. The designed installed capacity/energy is 100MW/100MWh. It applies LiFePO/ ternary lithium battery technology. It is planned to put into operation at the end of 2020. The main equipment of the project was manufactured and integrated by Chinese companies, more than 80% of equipment was made in China.

In recent years, with the rapid development of wind power in UK, the intermittence and fluctuation of wind power output is making the imbalance of time for supply and demand more and more obvious. After the project’s operation, it will become the largest battery energy storage project in Europe, providing power source emergency support when the main grid has an accident, and elevating effectively the safe operation level of the grid.

Wang Min, Vice President of China Huaneng Group Co. Ltd. and other delegates of investors attended the launch ceremony. Yang Mi, the commercial councilor of Chinese Embassy in UK, representatives from UK government departments, institutes, and enterprises, for examples, the Ministry of Commercial Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Ministry of International Commerce, the Office of UK Natural Gas Power Market, National Grid plc of UK, Scottish & Southern Energy, Shell Europe Energy, and representatives of sub-contractors and equipment suppliers from China, laid the foundation for the project.

The construction of project is a great outcome from serving the Belt and Road construction. Huaneng and domestic equipment manufacturers join strength to explore overseas markets together, making a demonstration of China’s energy storage technology and standards ‘going out’.

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