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Shu Yinbiao Visits IEC Swiss National Committee and Attends Series of IEC Senior Managerial Meetings
From June 17th to 21st, Shu Yinbiao, IEC President-elect and Chairman of China Huaneng Group Co. Ltd., visited IEC Swiss National Committee, and attends series of IEC senior managerial meetings.

On June 17th, Shu Yinbiao met Samuel Ansorge, President of IEC Swiss National Committee and CEO of Brugg Cables. The two sides exchanged views in such areas as deepening Sino-Swiss technological interactions and cooperation, and exerting the impacts of international standards.

Samuel Ansorge expressed his warmest welcome to Shu Yinbiao’s visit, and introduced the basic information of IEC Swiss National Committee. He noted that IEC Swiss National Committee will fully exert its impacts, contribute to the establishment of IEC youth experts’ interaction mechanism, the optimization of management methods for new energy certification system, the improvements of IEC management’s openness and transparency, and other fields, drive the sustainable development of the global power industry, and help elevate the Sino-Swiss relationship to a higher level.

Shu Yinbiao thanked IEC Swiss National Committee and Mr. Samuel Ansorge for their great support to IEC works. He pointed out that Switzerland and China has a long-term cooperative relationship in research and development of science and technology. He expressed his hope that the two sides can share advanced technology and practical experiences in fields such as new energy power generation, smart energy, and AI via multiple channels and forms, realizing co-development.

Shu Yinbiao emphasized that the global economy, politics, societies and cultures are being closely connected in an unprecedented manner. IEC should proactively accommodate to this trend, adjust and create more flexible management mechanisms and standard-setting regulations, in order to meet the demand from fast technological development and ever-changing markets, making international standards have more impacts on global economy and world trade. For the next step, IEC will carry out broad investigations and researches to understand concerns, suggestions and advice from every national committee, better exert the impact of IEC, and realize the co-development and common progress of standards and human society.

From June 18th to 21st, Shu Yinbiao attended series of senior managerial meetings of IEC Conformity Assessment Bureau, Executive Committee, and Council Board in Geneva, listened to the report from the Secretary General, the financial report, the IEC new general planning and implementation, and the introduction of preparatory works for the 83rd IEC Conference, and discussed with delegates from participating member countries about the IEC strategic planning, reform and governance, and other relevant topics. He also attended the interviews for the selection of the next IEC Secretary General.

Currently, Huaneng is undertaking tasks of assistant secretary in two technical committees, and organized special trainings for IEC and international standardization. Furthermore, the proposed international standards are at the final voting stage. Works in international standardization is progressing steadily.

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