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Huaneng Group signed S&T innovation and talent cultivation cooperation framework agreement with Zhejiang University
The Company officially signed S&T Innovation and Talent Cultivation Cooperation Framework Agreement with Zhejiang University. This cooperation framework agreement is an important step of the Company to implement its S&T Innovation Strategy and build an open technology innovation system.

The agreement mainly consists of two parts: First, both parties will cooperate closely in the field of advanced coal-fired power generation technologies. The cooperation activities will include regular technical exchange and joint research, demonstration, promotion, and application of relevant technologies to establish close relationship between industry, academy, and research organizations. Second, both parties will promote further cooperation in talent development by providing support and convenient access in the fields of on-the-job postgraduate training, mutual expert employment, professional practice of students, and employment of excellent graduates.

In 2012, the central government fully launched S&T system reform work, with a focus on promoting close connection between economics and S&T. The target would be creating an innovative system that is centered on enterprises, guided by the market, and characterized by close cooperation between industry, academy, and research organizations. Huaneng is fully aware of the fact that, as a pioneer among large state-owned enterprises and in the power generation industry, the Company has the compelling obligation to play a dominant role in the national power generation and energy technology innovation system. In the future, Huaneng will further strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and research institutes to facilitate technology innovation of the industry.

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